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Partner Tiers

STAHL Consulting will assess your company, based upon the information you provide us to determine the Tier that best suits your current company's documented Past Performance (e.g., JP-forms, SOWs, CPARs, PPQs, etc.) capabilities, capacities, credentials, internal systems and processes, etc.


Channel Team Tiers:

  1. Tier 1   Incubator and Resource to Tier 2 and 3 companies

  2. Tier 2   Member and co-owner of the BiC-1, LLC (JV)

  3. Tier 3   Strategic Partner (e.g., A Prime on a large GWAC, IDIQ, etc.)


Tier Description and Benefits:


1.  Tier 1 Incubator and Resource:  This is our starting level of Participation.

  • Tier 1 Partners become part of the STAHL Channel of Companies, tapping into long-term, Agency relationships and STAHL's PrePMO activities to secure Awards.  STAHL has dozens of Sources Sought and RFP's that we have responded to in our pipeline awaiting Awards and we are continually vetting new opportunities that fit our Partners, where Tier 1 companies can participate based on a Fit and Gap Analysis.

  • Federal Agencies are looking for small business networks, like ours, that are dedicated to meeting their Agency's mission, that emulate large companies; providing proven, expansive, depth and breadth of services, with capacities to meet their wide-ranging Requirements in a consistent, integrated, coordinated manner.  STAHL is continually assessing Agency demands and adapting, in an agile manner, to new, ever-changing requirements.

  • Tier 1 Partners are resources to our Tier 2 and Tier 3 Members, providing operational support, SMEs and FTEs on individual opportunities (both PrePMO and PMO), based upon their current and developing past performance, qualifications, competencies, business maturity, resources and resumes they can deliver on STAHL identified Task Orders. We can utilize commercial Past Performance, by piggy-backing Tier 1s on the credentials and Past Performance of our Tier 2, JV Partners.

  • The information provided on company capabilities, capacities, certifications, systems, processes and, especially, Past Performance, gathered through our custom built JP2 Forms and the collection of associated SOWs, CPARS and PPQs, are the compass from which we locate opportunities that fit individual Partners to opportunities.  The more detailed and comprehensive the information provided, the better we are at fitting companies to gaps to meet Task Order Requirements.

  • Under STAHL Consulting's guidance, Tier 1 companies can participate in the pursuit of and participate in Task Orders that mature their organizations to improve their Brand, Operational Excellence and Business Maturity Level, so they are more positively viewed by Agencies as a trustworthy vendor that is capable of scaling-up in a stable, predictable manner to handle volumes of work.

  • Tier 1 Members increasingly become more desirable choices as Sub-Contractors or Primes, not just to STAHL, but to other Prime contractors as well.

  • Tier 1 Member's PWin on opportunities pursued is substantially improved, as they are part of a large, cohesive Brand [BiC-1, LLC (JV)] that helps them become more desirable to Agencies and proficient in efficiently and effectively choosing best-fit opportunities that STAHL where has vetted them in combination with all Channel Team Members (Teaming Partners).

  • Participation follows a prescribed Journey following our five (5) Stage-Gate Pursuit Process, using our tools, templates, systems, processes and policies.

  • Tier 1 Members can graduate up to Tier 2, as they increase their viability through improved past performance, qualifications, competencies and business maturity.


2. Tier 2 BiC-1, LLC (JV) Partner:  This is mid-Tier Participation.

  • Tier 2 Partners join and become a co-owner in the BiC-1, LLC (JV). 

    • We have submitted to be a Prime on POLARIS and are pursuing OASIS+ and Alliant where BiC-1 will be a Prime when awarded, making all Tier 2 JV Members Primes on these vehicles, consisting of approximately $233B in opportunities.

    • STAHL has relationships with Tier 3 Partners that are the Primes on other MACs, GWACs and IDIQs, like ITES SB, CIO-SP3, STARS III, SEC OIT and others where BiC-1 receives up to 49% of Awards

      • (STAHL provides the lion's share of work in pursuit of opportunities in these relationships.).

    • STAHL provides Pre-PMO support, providing Program Management of STAHL Channels and BiC-1 that includes: Client Relationship building and maintenance, Market Research on identified opportunities, Team Selection, Workshare allocation, Solutioning, Proposal Writing, Winning Price Estimation and Support, Key Personnel Recruitment and Transition Team Development and Execution.

  • Each Tier 2 Channel Member is included in at least four (4) proposals submitted on large-scale, long-term (generally 5-10 years) opportunity pursuits (generally $10M+), where they are a Best-Fit, in each twelve (12) month period. 

    • The goal is for each member to receive large workshare on awarded contracts they participate in. With a success rate of 33%, we expect that each Tier 2 Member will win at least one Award out of the four proposals submitted, more than covering the cost of their channel membership participation fee.   

  • Tier 2 Members are eligible for participation in all Government Vehicles where BiC-1 is the Prime and available through our Tier 3 Prime relationships.

  • Tier 2 Members have full access to STAHL's supporting Opportunity Support Systems, including a subscription to GovWin with search capabilities that have been custom-built around each company's documented Past Performance history that refines searches to those opportunities that accurately fit their company to increase efficiency and effectiveness of locating and selecting only those opportunities that are highly winnable.

  • Tier 2 Members can graduate up to Tier 3, as they improve their viability through improved past performance, qualifications, competencies and business maturity and agree to our Tier 3 Terms (Master Channel Service Agreement).

3.  Tier 3 Strategic Partner: This is our highest level of participation. 

  • STAHL supports, with extensive services, companies, JVs, CTAs, etc. that hold large Government Vehicles, such as CIO-SP3/4, ITES SB, STARS III, etc.

  • STAHL provides consistent support to the Tier 3 Prime, as Program Manager of STAHL's Channel of Companies and BiC-1, LLC (JV), that includes: Client Relationship building and maintenance, Market Research on each identified opportunity, Team Selection including Workshare, Solutioning, Proposal Writing, Pricing Estimation, Key Personnel Recruitment and Transition Team Development and Execution.

  • The Prime receives 51% or more of all Awards, within their Vehicle, where our Channel Participates.

  • Primes can also be eligible to participate in all opportunities STAHL Channels pursues, where they have the requisite qualifications.

  • Primes have full access to STAHL's Opportunity Pursuit Systems in support of Channel opportunity pursuits.


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