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STAHL USA strives to be a valuable partner with our clients. STAHL USA’s portfolio of Government contracts requires that we actively engage teammates to jointly market the vehicles, meet our performance goals, and, ultimately, win task orders to support our client’s missions.


STAHL USA looks to win task orders and support our clients in achieving mission success by managing all Government contracts. We deliver through innovation, optimization, and modernization, by using significant best-in-class new technology, processes, and software. Our customer approach centers on a thorough understanding of our operations management organization members and our channel subcontractors in relation to our Agency customers. STAHL USA, also, strives to offer excellent service to the operations and management organizations and our channel members through the following, six supporting Journeys:


1. Strategic Support through Business Intelligence and services

2. Maintaining and Enriching Acquired Customer relationships

3. Identification of Forecasted Opportunities

4. Marketing & Business Development positioning for increased PWin on Identified and forecasted pursuits

5. Proposal Development support early on to Captured Process & Tasks

6. Task Order Proposal Development on RFI's and Bluebird/Pop-Up Tasks


To accomplish the six Journeys, support journey tasks have been created so STAHL USA is able to provide a best-in-class Channel, with scalable, repeatable, best-practice driven, solution-architecture support that generates revenue for our clients and operations management.

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