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What kinds of companies do business with STAHL USA?

  • Small Businesses

    1. Who recognize that they need an organization who can successfully navigate the Federal government Black Box with a proven track record.

    2. Who want to grow through engaging mature people, processes and technology that do not significantly impact the daily operations of their business.

    3. Who want help mature their company to prepare it for Government Operational contracts (Past Performance, Certifications, Systems, Processes, etc.).

    4. Who want to belong to a focused Channel that Teams together to expand their capabilities, capacities, and solution-set, to reach a larger audience and enjoy multiple, large-scale, five-year contracts with the Federal Government.


What are the benefits of joining?


  • Established Relationships in multiple Government Agencies (DoD, Civil) and large-companies.

  • Be part of a large, capable, well-managed Channel of companies which are developed and supported by agile, state-of-the-art systems and processes that evolve to meet the needs of Agency Clients (AI, BI, BPRM).

  • STAHL has over thirty-years of successful Federal Contracting experience (Grey Hairs, BD/CMM Level IV).

  • STAHL performs all PrePMO planning, business development, and pursuit services related to the Opportunities.

  • Increase your PWin and reduce your workload by starting early with your customers, planning, assessing and aligning Team capabilities with Agency needs, utilizing STAHL’s patented GAP and FIT analysis, along with process automation to achieve revenue.

  • Become part of a community with $1.3 billion in opportunities being pursued, with over 30 RFPs responded to and awaiting Awards. Historically, 33% PWin on opportunities pursued.

  • Accessing your company’s Mature Journey Plan will ensure proper Partner selection and proper pursuits that lead to defined, critical, and must-have relationships to navigate the Black Box that results in revenue.

  • Your Journey takes into consideration timelines, production, size, and complexity.  It navigates IFB, RFQ, Task Order and RFI/RFP selection critical to setting proper expectations and a financial model that is sustainable and repeatable.

  • STAHL is often questioned, “Why my company?”  Your ability for Personnel/FTE placement is the backbone and key offering to our Agency relationships in DoD and Civil.  It acts as a main discriminator as to why large companies select us as their Teaming Partner. 

  • Our Tier 1 Partners want to Fast-Track their revenue in year-one, so they are trained to support STAHL in the following areas:

    1. Align companies with Teams with vast experience, whereby the Tier 1 with limited experience can provide a discriminator through delivering innovative services, SMEs and Key personnel.

    2. Recruiting personnel for contracts against tight time-lines for Teams, resulting in contract personnel placements and revenue.


Join us Now and begin your first three steps to new growth, revenue and sustained, long-term relationships and repeat business!
  1. Become a Partner by completing your Partner Registration and Subscription, then Purchase and Begin your Journey. Click Partner with Us below to start.

  2. So we can fully assess and calibrate your Journey to the proper Teams and Opportunities, using our BI & AI, automation tools, complete your Company Profile, Past Performance Questionnaires and documentation in our PRM System.

  3.  STAHL will consult with you, based upon the information you provide us.

  4. Complete technical support is provided for Partners.

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