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STAHL USA focuses on developing and capturing significant NEW Government Contracting Revenue for your business.  Businesses become part of STAHL USA “Channels” and the BiC-1, LLC (JV), which is Program Managed by STAHL Consulting, Inc.


We augment your current Operations and Business Development efforts.  Our mature, systematic Methodology, Technology, People, and Processes minimize the impact on your people and are built on proven success throughout the Government sector, with BILLIONS of dollars in new business wins. 


STAHL USA forms Integrated Project Tiger Teams (IPTT) of Government Contractors to aggressively support Agencies with which we have ongoing relationships to grow your revenue and profit.  We use proven, IPTT Teams made up of Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Capture, Cost-Estimating Proposal Development, and our unique Transition to Start-up Processes. 


You focus on your operational business growth. 

We focus on adding additional, multi-year contracts to drive revenue and profit to your company.


With our unique, Cost + Award and Performance Management Fee, you outsource to STAHL.  STAHL provides Agency customers and their forecasted programs, then matures these into significant pursuit targets that provide new revenue growth for your company over the course of our engagement with you.  STAHL delivers success with minimal upfront costs and a highly attractive ROI, based upon your performance on Task Orders.  STAHL's success is achieved through the collective channel’s strategy and success!  “That’s a powerful incentive to get the job done for you.”


Contact us today to learn how our “Cost + Award and Management Performance Fee” Outsource model can drive the revenue and profits you need to reach that next level in your business growth.


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