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STAHL's PRM Portal is the only one of its kind; designed specifically to serve Federal Government Contractors and Agencies; one location for all credentials, documents, opportunities, alerts, education/training, tools, templates, policies and more to help small businesses increase their awards and revenue.

It all starts with your data

Onboarding, Your
Compass to Success

Accurate Profiles are the Key to Success

Tap into Established Relationships

Your data serves as the compass from which to locate best-fit opportunities and put you on a successful journey to significantly improve your PWin on Federal Contracts.  We compile and profile your company, then our AI engine searches your Past Performance, credentials, personnel resumes, clearances, etc. to Gap you and locate Task Orders that are a best-fit for you.  This eliminates inefficient work on Task Orders where you have a low PWin, and increases your efficiency by focusing your, and our, efforts on high, PWin Task Orders.

The key to company success is meeting or exceeding Agency Requirements, with empirical proof.  STAHL's PRM Portal uniquely compiles and stores our Partners' information to evaluate their maturity level in relation to Agency Requirements, provide a Journey to mature them, locate best-fit opportunities, and quickly respond to opportunities, as they present themselves. 

STAHL has long-term relationships where we serve as a Solutions Provider to Agency Buying Offices.  We work with them over time to understand their legacy systems, requirements and future direction, so we can develop comprehensive, best-value solutions that will help drive them forward.  These are translated into White Papers and then winning proposals with high PWins.

Best-Fit Opportunities

Journey Management to Increase Wins and Profitability

Using AI and automation features, STAHL locates and presents Opportunities to Partners that fit your profile, based upon a Gap Analysis of the information provided by Partners into the PRM Portal.


Best-Fit Opportunity Alerts are emailed to Partners as they are found.

STAHL uses the information in the PRM Portal to assess Partners' maturity level, that includes: Past Performance history, customer adjacencies, credentials, resumes, internal systems and processes and much more.  We then put our Partners on a Journey that provides relevant learning and the tools and templates necessary to implement the Requirements that Agencies seek.  Implementing our recommendations increases the likelihood of being selected for Task Orders, increases PWins on large Task Orders and increases the probability of winning repeat business.

Comprehensive, Catalogued,  Searchable Libraries

STAHL's PRM Portal consists of comprehensive, catalogued, easy to use, searchable, information libraries that store Partner information, Knowledge Libraries, Opportunity documents and more.

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