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As a small business that has worked supporting government subcontractors for over 30 years, STAHL’s Integrated Project Tiger Teams (IPTT) are well versed in departmental and agency processes and understand that reaching government project timeline (POAMs) and budget goals is challenging.  STAHL USA possess a unique blend of superior technical skills, along with the ability to provide decision support, to help ensure financial accountability, and proffer recommended ways to save time and money.

The STAHL IPTT - Tiger Team provides the critical resources that encompass both Program Management and Technical Expertise. IPTTs are supported by STAHL's open, scalable, standards-based architecture and framework, as well as Knowledge Management that helps its Channel Members adopt and develop best-practices that meet the requirements imposed by the government's POAM and Integrated Project Team (IPT), lifecycle processes.

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The STAHL IPTT is a highly valued Consultant to many large and small business government Primes.  Our mission is to create New Business for our members as the PrePMO / Pre-RFP consultant, working in both the commercial (Members) and government spaces (IPT = Buyers, PM, Leadership). STAHL instills the technical industry’s best practices and apply current technologies and techniques to create successful solutions with its Channel Members. 


STAHL provides the vital Program Management expertise and related IT services in support of many types of government initiatives, in varied technical environments.  We have prior experience on projects related to:

  • National security (DHS, USCIS, CBP)

  • Defense (DoD, US Army, DTIC, INSCOM)

  • Public health and research (NCI, NIH, DHA)

  • Other civilian agencies (NRC, DOL, US PTO, SEC)

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Opportunity Alerts & Invites

Prospect and Active Partners receive Opportunity Alerts on Opportunities we are currently pursuing.


Active Partners also receive Invitations to Team on Opportunities, that fit their company profiles, based upon the information provided into the STAHL PRM Portal.  Only Active Partners can participate in Teaming on Opportunities, so become an Active Partner now.


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View Opportunity Summaries

Based upon the information Partners provide into the STAHL PRM Portal, Opportunity Alerts will be generated that fit their profiles and sent to Active Partners. These Alerts provide summaries that include scope, requirements, size dates, times, requirements and more.

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