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Partnering Process

  1. Press the Partner with Us button above.
  2. Provide information on yourself and your company.
  3. You will receive an email, instructing you to set up your password to log into the PRM Portal.
  4. Submit. 
  5. This will make you a Prospective Partner, giving you limited access to the Portal's features and contents.
  6. Take some time to preview the site contents.
  7. STAHL will be alerted that you have registered and STAHL will contact you to answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to contact us at 703 558-9059.
  8. At any time, within the PRM Portal, you can access and view the Terms of Service for Subscription Agreement by clicking on the Agree to be an Active Tier 1 Partner.
  9. Your agreement to the Terms of Service for Subscription Agreement triggers an invoice to be sent to you.
  10. Upon our receipt of your payment, you will become an Active Partner with access to Opportunity content and Alerts, assignments to Teaming opportunities that fit your profile, Portal Libraries [e.g. Knowledge Management (e.g., Solution Tools, Templates, etc.), Body of Knowledge (e.g., Best Practices, Process and Templates, etc.)], and many other valuable Contents.
  11. To complete your onboarding, you will be asked to provide critical, additional information about your company.  This includes detailed information on your company's documented capabilities, capacities, credentials, Past Performance, and much more.  This information defines your company's DNA that is critical toward STAHL accurately determining appropriate Teaming Opportunities that fit your profile.
    • ​The portal will accept an unlimited number of Past Performances.
    • You can add additional company personnel (Users) to your account.​
  12. STAHL will analyze the information you provide in the PRM Portal to determine if you are eligible to be upgraded to a Tier 2 or 3 Partner level. 
  13. STAHL will discuss our assessments and recommendations with you.
  14. We will also provide a Journey(s) that fits your company's maturity level, to expedite your success path to higher PWins, profitability and repeat business on contracts. 

Partner with Us Now

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